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Grand Central Station

Everything You Wanted To Know, And A Few You Didn't.

19 June 1983
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I believe I should give this a bit of an update. I'm currently a late model Worker Droid TOS-9000 (Customer Service Edition) in the employ of an evil MegaInsuranceCompany. I often send messages to the outside world about the horrors I encounter here, both from customers and my overlords.

When I go home, however, I remove my slave collar and turn back into a human being. J'mappelle Tiff. My friends call me Tiff, as well as Da Bear, Fred, Mama Bear, and on more than one occasion, Tina. This is strange because that name belongs to my best friend. She does not physically resemble me.

I think fanfiction with bad grammer and spelling is a waste of time. My spirit guardian is a hummingbird with wings of light; my totem animal is the Bear. I stand by my assertion that "gay" is not a synonym for "stupid", nor should it be used as such. I am a proud member of the Hentai Brigade. I believe in the fae, the NSA, and the inherent evil of Furbies. I find that women who dance are the sexiest creatures on the planet. I enjoy drumming, even if my fingers don't. I find that there are things in life that are so beautiful that it hurts.

ouran host club is love.

Merryship is unforgettable love. ♥

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